Hokkaido lisätila halliin, Varastossa

15000,00  12500,00  sis alv 24%

The level structure is a modular way of getting extra squares in the hall.


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Nyt edullisia lisäneliöitä halliin, todellinen vaihtoehto laajennukselle tai muutolle.

  • Mitat noin 5700*16000mm. Tason lattiakorkeus 2625mm.  Vapaatilan korkeus 2440mm lattian alla.
  • ilmoituksen piirustuskuvat ovat hieman isommasta yksiköstä, mutta niistä kyllä saa hyvää infoa.
  • Paino noin 3,5 tonnia
  • Sisältää  liukuportin ja  kaiteita
  • Koostuu 10 kpl 3214 X 2730 leveästä moduulista
  • Helposti purettava ja koottava
  • tason kantavuus 500 kg/m2
  • Ohessa kuvat
  • Nyt edullisia lisäneliöitä
  • Toimitus heti varastosta
  • täysin modulirakenteinen, voit varioida esimerkiksi pituutta
  • osat uusia pakattuna kuormalavoille.
  • Portaita ei kuulu toimitukseen
  • Omassa käytössämme vastaava rakenne, kuvat siitä. Tervetuloa tutustumaan. Katso video omastamme toisesta kerroksesta.

Hokkaido Tools’ modular additional space solves gray space problems.

Building a new hall is expensive. The problem with many halls is that the height of the hall is not utilized, up to 6 meters in height, but only the floor level is utilized. Depending on the height of the room, Hokkaido Tools’ structures allow you to double or even triple your space.

We are also a user of Hokkaido Tools Advanced Space Solution. In practice, we have obtained 90 extra square meters at a very low cost. In the past, we only managed the floor inefficiently and there was always a shortage of space. Then we built the second floor and got the 90m2 extra space very easily and cheaply. It took about a day to build, even though we weren’t construction professionals. Now we have 90 m2 more space. And another plus. In winter, the heat rises up and the extra space is also very pleasant in terms of temperature. This is often a problem in high spaces.

The capacity of the additional space is normally 500 kg / m2, but it is possible to prepare the space with a capacity of, for example, 200 kg / m2.

The structure is basic simple. Blue vertical beams at the edges and, if necessary, in the middle of the auxiliary space.

The extra space has another very important advantage on its side, the structure can be disassembled and reassembled. This is a very important feature if you are operating in rented premises. And extra space always has Resale value!

We usually have structures in stock and can make custom-made facilities within a reasonable delivery time. We also have the ability to fulfill a wide range of customer needs, such as a three-story structure, a cargo elevator between floors and different load capacity requirements. Recently, we provided a three-story structure with a cargo elevator measuring approximately 2×4 meters. So when you need extra space, only your Imagination is the limit.

The height of the platform from the floor is easy to adjust. Need a space where you can walk straight, about two meters. An alternative is also the so-called. forklift height, and if you use a hall to store cars, the height can only be 1.5 m.

An example of the price is a basic price of about 90m2 without stairs directly from stock 15000 € incl. 24% VAT, this can be set in so-called. forklift height, but even lower can be lowered as needed


Paino 4500 kg